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Driving Home Naked:

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And Other Misadventures of a

Country Veterinarian

by Melinda G. McCall, D.V.M.

Buckle up for a wild ride with Dr. Melinda as she takes you along on her adventures as a large animal veterinarian in rural Virginia. No two days are alike as she skillfully deals with the antics of both animals and humans with humor and grit. A gifted storyteller, Dr. Melinda will make you howl with laughter.


Driving Home Naked is available wherever you buy books in August 2023. Preorder below! 

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The Million Dollar Goat

by Melinda G. McCall, D.V.M.

Ernie is a Nigerian dwarf goat. But he's more than that. Thanks to a series of misadventures, Ernie is the Million Dollar Goat. This cute story will hit home for those who raise livestock, while striking the funny bone of all!

Melinda McCall's children's book The Million Dollar Goat is now available wherever you buy books!

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About the Book

Have you ever driven home from work wearing nothing but a pair of rubber boots? For
Dr. Melinda, a large animal veterinarian in rural Virginia, this is living the dream. Using
her background as a farm girl, she’s willing to get down and dirty to help animals in
distress. Getting caught driving home naked after a tough day at work is just another day
at the office for Dr. Melinda.

Ride along in the vet truck as she fearlessly confronts any obstacle in her path while
building a thriving veterinary practice with an all-female foundation. Her stubbornness
and grit allow her to surpass the expectations of her adversaries, including her own father,
to become the owner of a successful veterinary business and mother of an inquisitive,
spirited young daughter. Driving Home Naked offers a firsthand glimpse into the
fascinating world of veterinary medicine through Dr. Melinda’s heartfelt and humorous
stories. This riveting memoir will captivate animal lovers and inspire people to follow
their dreams. Buckle up for a wild ride.

Praise for Driving Home Naked

“Reading Driving Home Naked filled me with admiration for the  author’s dedication, huge heart, and life-affirming humor as she  recounted her career as a large animal veterinarian in rural Virginia. Tales of hard work, skill, and passion for animals give us a fascinating insight into this challenging world of caring for farm  animals—while showing Melinda’s endless energy and her compassion and generosity toward their owners and her colleagues, family, and friends. This book is both eye-opening and heartwarming, and an utter delight to read.” 

- Liz Kinchen, 
author of Light in Bandaged Places 

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